Letterpress printer: Lawrence Finn, Hipcat Printery

Lawrence Finn, at the Hipcat Printery
image: Danielle White, from The Countryphiles
Lawrence Finn, letterpress printer at Hipcat Printery, is in Kyneton, Victoria.

 It is the sounds of the platen, the rollers, the squidge of the ink, the clicks and whirrs of mechanical rhythm that produce text and image with meaning that is deliberate and committed.

Lawrence Finn at the Hipcat Printery in Kyneton knows how to make those babies hum, and uses text and linocut to express, enlighted, confront and challenge the reader. It is an irreverent, creative medium that is just as impressive now as it was 100 plus years ago.

Lawrence has been producing silkscreen, wood engraving and lino block prints for about 30 years (he started at 15). His studio boasts six printing presses, the oldest functioning press - a 1913 Chandler and Price Platen - is over 100 years old, and the collection includes a 1971 Asbern flatbed and a Kelsey parlour press for children's classes

The Hipcat Printery specialises in workshops for the creative individual and artist editions.
Please also visit Lawrence's feature album on Facebook @RareTradesAustralia

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