The Rare Trades website in Victoria is now live!

~ For Visitors ~
There will be weekly featured RTradies, 
which are then added to the lists searchable by medium (down the LEFT SIDEBAR, or by district (down the RIGHT SIDEBAR). You can also use the 'search' bar at the top to look for a particular town or maker by name.  Enjoy.

Please also check out the ArtsAtlas websites (right sidebar), which are new creative directories, popping up in various country areas of Victoria. They are invaluable for connecting with your local RTrades & creative community, 
and finding out what's on near you.

We are also on various social networks, 
so sniff about and join us on the platform that tickles you.  
All are welcome; enquiries and questions too.

~ For RTradies ~
Be around your people, 
and find them by medium (down the LEFT SIDEBAR), 
or by district (down the RIGHT SIDEBAR).  

Make good use of the Council and district resources and opportunities, by registering on your area's ArtsAtlas (some areas are yet to come online, so encourage your local council to get on board). If you would like help to register there, to use Facebook, or generally get online in a basic and gentle way, 
then we can help you with that too.

This is the go-to place for connecting with raretradesfolk everywhere 
and making the most of the 'interwebs' to spread the word 
and share the joy of your trade, in a way that doesn't take up 
your precious time at the workbench.