Knifemaker: Tharwa Valley Forge

Karim Haddad, of Tharwa Valley Forge is based in Tharwa, ACT.

 Karim began his journey with knifemaking under Master Bladesmith Thomas Gerner in 1995. Karim has developed his skills in the area of blade forging, heat treating steel, handle construction, sheath making and leatherwork. He has been teaching knife making since 1998, and created the Tharwa Valley Forge to provide further opportunities for teaching and learning in 2003.  He currently teaches courses in Knifemaking, Forging, Damascus and Sharpening
as well as making custom knives to order.
He is the ACT/NSW State Guild Representative of the Australian Knifemaking Guild.

Please visit Karim's feature album on Facebook,  @RareTradesAustralia.
If you want to discuss a commission, a course, or a project, 
don’t hesitate to contact him:

Phone : 0418 165 433
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