knifemaker: Adam Parker

Adam Parker is a knifemaker based in Mt. Mercer, near Ballarat, Victoria.

Adam Parker has been making knives at the family farm since he was 19. He makes and repairs knives with passion, practice and persistence that result in beautiful tools worthy of passing on. 
Adam and his wife Terri are involved with the Australian Knifemakers Guild, which is well known for generous and collegial skills-sharing- keeping their rare trade thriving.

If you have a knife kept from someone you love, have a favourite worth keeping in shape, want a knife to cherish for it's shape and beauty, or a valuable tool for your work or hobby, then Adam is your man.

Please visit Adam's page on Facebook @parkerknivesaustralia .
If you want to discuss a commission or project, don’t hesitate to contact him:

Phone: 0408144838
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You can see Adam's knifemaking workshop dates on his Facebook page