tin cutter maker: Daryl Bilney of Bisk-art


Daryl Bilney, of Bisk-art in Ballarat, Victoria.

Daryl  has been handcrafting biscuit cutters using tradition tools and techniques for over 20 years, and has been a metalworker and tinsmith for more than 27 years.

Every cutter is hand-cut, folded, shaped and finished in Ballarat, Australia by Daryl. 
There are so many amazing shapes, for fun baking days and celebrations of every description.  Have a unique shape or event to bake for?
Daryl is a wonder of innovation and can make up a biscuit cutter shape that will suit perfectly, and delight you.
  Website:  http://www.biskart.com.au
0409 314053
Email: contact@biskart.com.au
Instagram: http://instagram.com/biskart
You can also see Daryl's work on Facebook
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