wooden toy maker: tim schloss

Tim Schloss, toymaker, is in Benalla, Victoria.

Tim specializes in 'imaginary adventure tools' (we LOVE that term) made of wood, and is very clever with wooden puzzles.

Every toy is hand-cut, whittled, shaped and finished in Benalla, Australia by Tim. 

If your little folks are keen to run and play through their own adventure, then Tim's toys are just the thing - made to last a lifetime, not just a playtime. 
Swords, shields, and so much more to bring out the adventure play in us all.

Tim also holds workshops at various times through the year, so enquire to find out more.

  Website:  http://www.schloss.com.au
0432 599 243
Email: info@schloss.com.au Instagram: http://instagram.com/schlosstoys You can see Tim's work on Facebook too.
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