Leadlight Glaziers: Lara Glass

Lara Glass is based in Elaine, VIC.

The folks at Lara Glass bring the beauty of bespoke leadlight and custom doors to those who want to really make an entrance. 
The special effect of coloured glass and light has enchanted us for centuries. Today, leadlight windows are wonderful additions to homes, adding vitality, warmth and individuality. Lara Glass boasts a unique and exclusive range of bevels and designs that are only available through 'The Damian Collection'. 100% hand crafted in Elaine, Victoria, The Damian Collection has the option of interchangeable leadlight designs with any door complete entrance. 
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 @RareTradesAustralia in the Stone&Clay album.
If you want to discuss a commission, or a restoration project, 
please don’t hesitate to contact them:

Phone : (03) 5341 5500
Address: 200 Midland Hwy, Elaine, Vic.
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