Holland's belt driven printing display

Adrian & Lee Holland demonstrate their belt driven printing press all over Victoria.

The 1898 Chandler & Price printing press is the only known transportable working display of its kind, which is belt driven from a line shaft by a stationary vintage engine. This letterpress platen, made in Ohio USA, started its working life at Hedges and Bell - later to be known as McPherson Print Group in Maryborough, Victoria.

Although a Bookbinder by trade, Adrian has worked in the printing industry for many years. Together with his wife Lee, they display at various events throughout the year by invitation and welcome all inquiries.

You can also see Adrian's work on Facebook @RareTradesAustralia

To find out where you can see the printing press display next
Contact Adrian
Phone: 0407 855 860
Email: adrianleeholland@gmail.com
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