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~ Help For Visitors ~
Tradies can be searched by the medium they work with down the LEFT SIDEBAR, or by district via the region map on the RIGHT SIDEBAR. You can also use the 'search' bar at the very top of the website to look for a particular town or maker by name.

Each RTradie entry has a phone or email or website for direct contact. We encourage you to get in touch with them to discuss your project or commission needs, or just to let them know you think they are great :) Please let us know via email  if any of the links or contacts do not work, and we will endeavour to correct them.  

*Please also note that each RTradie owns their own image and content. Please do not reproduce without prior permission from the individual tradesperson. Thanks.*

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~ Help For RTradies ~

Be around your people, 
find them by trade category (down the LEFT SIDEBAR), 
or by district (down the RIGHT SIDEBAR);
most of all , use RareTradesAust. to get noticed where you live.

Make good use of the Council and district resources and opportunities, by registering on your area's ArtsAtlas (some areas are yet to come online, so encourage your local council to get on board). 

Please let us know via email  if any of the links or contacts do not work, and we will endeavour to correct them.  Thanks.

This is the go-to place for connecting with raretradesfolk everywhere 
and making the most of the 'interwebs' to spread the word 
and share the joy of your trade, in a way that doesn't take up 
your precious time at the workbench.