Letterist: Lauchean Duncan, of the Graphic Quill

Lauchean Duncan, letterist, of the Graphic Quill is in Hampton, Victoria.

Lauchean Duncan, at The Graphic Quill is a calligrapher and letterist who specialises in custom calligraphy, handlettering and illustration. Working from a good base in historical scripts and traditions of the arts of the medieval scribe to create calligraphy with a contemporary flair, Lauchean uses the alphabet as her palette and her wide experience as a designer to help the client best present and communicate their message.
Simple tools, used in the same way as olde; significant inscriptions, in both contemporary and historical style.
Hand written calligraphy, handwriting and lettering design for 
Inscriptions in Albums & books, Poems, Song Lyrics as artwork.
Tattoo lettering design Logo's & Monogram design
Wedding invitation design.

You can also do workshops with Lauchern:
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If you want to discuss a commission or project, don’t hesitate to contact Lauchern:

Ph: 0417326406
Email: studio@graphicquill.com.au
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