Whipmakers: George & Sharron, from SKT Leather

George and Sharron Taylor, whipmakers, of SKT Leather, are in Boralma, Victoria.

  George & Sharron Taylor, partners in SKT Leather. Over 50 years combined experience with plaiting and saddlery. Sharron is a proud member of the Australian Plaiters & Whipmakers Association and the Saddlers & Harness Makers Association of Australia, and they both honour their ideals.

SKT is a family business, and was established 21 years ago. Born from the need to source high quality gear for their own beef cattle enterprise, they know what's expected of leather gear in the often harsh environment in which it it used. It needs to be as tough as nails to last the distance in this wide brown land. 

SKT craft each item in the traditional manner to exacting standards, encompassing the true spirit of the Australian bush.  In true RareTrade style, their work is made to last, and to be beautiful and practical.

They are keen to hear from you, about your whip and saddle projects, large and small. 

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If you want to discuss a commission or project, don’t hesitate to contact Dan:

Ph: 03-57265273
Website:  http://www.sktleather.com.au/ 
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