Milliner: Bob Petch, Gordon Hat Shoppe

Bob Petch, milliner at the Gordon Hat Shoppe, is in Gordon, Victoria.

The top hat, the bowler, tricon, cloche, beret, squire, deerstalker, cap and gypsie – a hat for every personality and sensibility. To make a hat with such attention to detail, with an eye for just the right colour, stitch and flourish; that is a rare trade. Imagine a favourite hat that your grandchildren might wear in your honour - a hat lasting that long. These are the skills of Bob Perch the milliner, at the Gordon Hat Shoppe. 

You will find Scottish and Irish inspired headwear, apparell, accessories and music, in the sensitively restored old colonial Anglican Church. Two mezzanine floors, with tartan carpets, highland cattle rugs, original lead lights, antique milliner's blocks, wood fire and pure Celtic music creates a wonderful, relaxing and unique experience.

Bob and Sheina would love for you to drop by, perhaps stay in their wonderful accommodation, visit the hat shoppe and fall in love with your hat. 

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Ph: 03-53689808
Lot 1, Old Melbourne Rd., Gordon, Victoria
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