Screwmachinist: Howard Miller

Howard Miller is a custom  screw-machinist based in Borambola, New South Wales.

Howard is a traditional repetition engineer that uses technology of the 1880 to 1970's period to produce turned items in various materials (steels, brasses, plastics) in large numbers.

His machines all have different origins; two come from Lithgow Small Arms factory at Lithgow and others were based in Melbourne, Orange and Sydney. He manufactures nuts, bolts, screws, washers and other turned parts in quantities for all sorts of custom uses, such as vintage British cars and motor bikes, imperial and metric brass olives for air and hydraulic lines, replacement parts for vintage and WWII aeroplanes, and much more. Howard welcomes visitors and interested parties to view the machines and would train any interested party in aspects of the trade; Howard has also been a TAFE trade teacher in his field.

Please visit Howard's feature album on Facebook @RareTradesAustralia
to see wonderful examples of his work.

If you want to discuss a commission or project, don’t hesitate to contact him:

Visit: 2852 Jingellic Rd., MUNDEROO NSW 2653

Phone: 02 69485260, Mobile: 0427864203

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