Materials Conservators: Endangered Heritage

Endangered Heritage materials conservators are based in Fyshwick, ACT. 

They deliver conservation care to National institutions and private individuals all over Australia by providing personalized, specific advice on preserving, repairing and conserving whatever sentimental and valuable artefacts matter to you. Ceramic, wood, furniture, metal, textiles, paper, books or paintings - they have specialist skills to help. 

They care for precious things whilst keeping the original provenance, so the piece doesn’t lose its authenticity. Endangered Heritage also supplies materials for archival preservation, storage items, advice, and conservation pigments and tools for creative folks to make their work last. They deliver regular preservation workshops and information sessions too. 

You can see them on the directory Facebook page 
Ph: 02 6282 8386 

Address: 8 Paragon Mall 8-20 Gladstone st Fyshwick ACT