Taxidermist: Natalie, of Rest in Pieces

 Rest in Pieces is based in Northcote, Victoria.

Natalie Delaney-John has traveled far and wide to learn the art of taxidermy, receiving mentorship by some of the world’s best in these rare skills. Now an awarded taxidermist herself, Nat and her team present Rest in Pieces, offering taxidermy, skeletal articulation and entomology workshops – unique opportunities to get up close and hands-on with age-old practices that remain macabre to some, yet strangely beautiful to others.

You can contact Nat about your preservation projects, nature revival requirements, or to book a workshop and experience these fascinating skills yourself. 
You can also see her work on Facebook  @RareTradesAustralia

Phone: 0487 933 828
Also find @RestInPiecesTaxidermy on Instagram.

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