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Guild: Melbourne Guild of Fine Woodworking

The MGFWoodworking is based in Blackburn, Victoria.

The Melbourne Guild of Fine Woodworking was founded by Alastair Boell in 2007. After graduating from the renowned North Bennet Street School, Boston (USA) Alastair felt that there was a great need in Australia for an educational facility that focuses on traditional skills. 
The Guild is committed to preserving and advancing craft traditions in furniture making. Classes emphasize the skillful use of hand tools and power equipment and an informed use of appropriate materials - sharing information, ideas and skills with all students young and old, from beginner to advanced.
You can also follow the guild socially on Facebook and Instagram.
School: 14 Cottage St., Blackburn
Website:  http://www.mgfw.com.au 
Phone: 0413537490

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