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Industry Consultation Survey

The Heritage Skills Initiative;
an International Specialised Skills Institute project 
The project is listening to our rare trades, and gathering real information from us to learn more about how the project can support our sector. Thank you to everyone who has completed the sector analysis survey so far! We only need 20 more to reach our target, so if you are a raretradie and haven’t had the chance yet, please take this opportunity to respond 
before December 10th

What other news is there? Read on ...

Out of the National Trust
As part of the Australian Heritage Festival, the National Trust Heritage Awards will be accepting nominations for a Heritage Skills Award. This award is for a volunteer, teacher, professional individual or apprentice who has demonstrated the application of craft skills that have been key in repairing or adapting a heritage site.

Out of South Australia;
Applications are NOW OPEN for practitioners to be listed on the Register of Heritage Trades and Contractors, which will be available to local Councils and all State and local heritage owners. The Government is looking for experienced;
  • Heritage tradespeople and contractors such as stonemasons, painters, carpenters, roofers, fencers, glaziers, floor restorers, conservation specialists and ornate plasterers.
  • Architects and Heritage Professionals who prepare heritage documentation and advice such as Conservation Management Plans and Heritage Impact Statements.
  • Suppliers of heritage materials and products such as lime mortar, reclaimed stone and bricks, recycled fireplaces and joinery, corrugated-iron, heritage paints, etc
Applications due December 14th, more information athttps://www.environment.sa.gov.au/topics/heritage/heritage-trades

Out of the Heritage Council of Victoria
The Heritage Fabric Committee of the Heritage Council of Victoria is preparing to launch their first Heritage Technical Codes. These will be short documents that provide performance solutions where the building code is deficient with regards to heritage practice. The first two to look out for will be; Lime Mortars and Re-pointing with Lime Mortars.  If you are interested in receiving these documents, please contact Paul Coffey at pc@paulcoffey.com.au.   

Thanks to each and every one of you, all the best

Grace BarrandHeritage Project Coordinator